Last week we featured a selection of exquisite works of cut paper art by a Japanese Kirie artist named Akira Nagaya. Today we learned that Nagaya also creates awesome cut-out depictions of beloved Anime, manga, cartoon and comic book characters using individual Post-it notes.

Visit Akira Nagaya’s Facebook page to view more of his playful pop culture Post-it cut-outs.

[via Spoon & Tamago]




i did not like joan rivers at all and i know that she was truly not a good person but she was a mother and a grandmother and a friend to a lot of people who are probably in a lot of pain because she’s gone and posting shit like “joan rivers is dead, hell…

I think you’ll find that the whole context of this post was that some people are grieving her loss. Not that she’s a white celebrity. And by justifying hate towards her you’re just as bad as Joan was when she said what she said about Palestinians.
As the original poster said, and I agree, I couldn’t care less about Joan either but what I would add to that is that she was a human being and other human beings may be grieving her loss.