We wouldn’t blame you if you assumed that these indescribably awesome portraits of John Malkovich are photoshop job, but they aren’t. American portrait photographer Sandro Miller and, of course, the inimitable John Malkovich who collaborated to recreate a wide variety of iconically famous photographs.

Here you see their sublimely surreal recreations of Diane Arbus' Identical Twins, Herb Ritts' photos of Jack Nicholson as The Joker, Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother, Andy Warhol’s Self Portrait (Fright Wig), Arthur Sasse’s photo of Albert Einstein Sticking Out His Tongue, and Philippe Halsman’s portrait of Salvador Dalí.

The longer we look at these photos, the harder it is to convince ourselves that we’re actually awake.

Click here to view more (warning: some of the photos are NSFW).

Click here for a wonderful Chicago Tribune profile of Sandro Miller.

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Last week we featured a selection of exquisite works of cut paper art by a Japanese Kirie artist named Akira Nagaya. Today we learned that Nagaya also creates awesome cut-out depictions of beloved Anime, manga, cartoon and comic book characters using individual Post-it notes.

Visit Akira Nagaya’s Facebook page to view more of his playful pop culture Post-it cut-outs.

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i did not like joan rivers at all and i know that she was truly not a good person but she was a mother and a grandmother and a friend to a lot of people who are probably in a lot of pain because she’s gone and posting shit like “joan rivers is dead, hell…

I think you’ll find that the whole context of this post was that some people are grieving her loss. Not that she’s a white celebrity. And by justifying hate towards her you’re just as bad as Joan was when she said what she said about Palestinians.
As the original poster said, and I agree, I couldn’t care less about Joan either but what I would add to that is that she was a human being and other human beings may be grieving her loss.